We’re in your corner with kid-centered activities.

February 25-27, 2022
3 PM - 9 PM
9 AM - 6 PM
11 AM - 5 PM

Kids Corner

WHAT: At the Kids Corner, amuse and entertain your mini-me with crafts, activities, games, Legos and more!
WHO: Children age 12 and under (must be supervised)
WHEN: Kids Corner is open during show hours. PiKadilly Face Painting will be available Saturday only.
WHERE: Exhibit space #425
COST: Free!

The Kids Corner is located in the southwest corner of the field level in exhibit space 425 and professionally designed by Tin•ker to be a whimsical get-away for children at the show.

PiKadilly Face Painting will be featured Saturday only, free of charge.

Exhibit space 425

It’s a place for children to feel inspired to get outside and play in the yard…well, as soon as the weather allows.

Once you enter the space through a colorful floral doorway you will be able to enjoy making crafts, coloring and building with Legos! We know the importance of sharing the outdoors with children and how fun it can be to just play in the dirt sometimes.

Children age 12 and under must be supervised and accompanied by a guardian.

Plus, don’t miss Trucks & Treasures

Separate from the Kids Corner, take your littles to visit “Trucks & Treasures” where they can gather goodies from Vendors and explore vehicles of all types, including construction, landscaping, transportation and just plain cool — all in one place! Children are allowed to touch their favorite vehicles, get behind the wheel and meet the people who help build and serve our community. It’s located on the north end of the field level and all ages are welcome.

More about Tin•ker

Makers gotta make. Tin•ker? Ashley Rieck imagines herself as a combination of Tinkerbell and Maleficent. The name reflects both TinkerBell and how she tinkers around all day. She’s the mastermind behind the Kids Corner design at this year’s show. Bravo! Ashley specializes in alcohol ink painting and epoxy art and loves working on pet portraits and creating sparkly pieces!

More about PiKadilly Face Painting

Pam Kinneberg studied art in college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. She started InHouse Design in 1996 and PiKadilly in 2013. She truly loves both businesses and recognizes art as part of who she is. Pam gets excited for every event she’s involved with and takes satisfaction from making people happy, calling it magical!

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